Who are we?

Firstly, a warm HELLO and welcome to our website!

We are a female-founded premium tea brand located in the mother city, Cape Town.

We source, blend and pack high quality whole rolled tea leaves, fruits and spices conveniently and lovingly into silky tea bags for our fellow Modern Tea Enthusiasts to enjoy and savour.

Why we’ve chosen whole leaf tea?

Well because its bloody delish, of course! There are a number of reasons we've opted to source whole leaf tea, fruits and spices which we've written about in our "WHAT'S BREWING" blog above, for you to enjoy when you next pop the kettle on, love.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Hell yes, it is! Our resealable pouches are fully recyclable.

Do you do returns?

Check out our detailed returns policy in the bottom tab. If you are unsure, you can also pop us a mail.

Something was missing or wrong with my order?

Pop us a mail at info@smithhouseoftea.co.za and we'll get on it!

How do I set up my tea subscription?

Our tea subscription is still brewing... once its up and running, you'll be the first to know!

I want to make my order a gift?

That's a splendid idea!

Simply pop us a mail with your order details and we'll be sure to give it some extra love to make it special for your loved one.