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So WHY whole leaf tea, you ask?


Just like you’d lean towards your proffered coffee brand (beans vs. granules), being a Modern Tea Enthusiast means knowing the difference between “dusty” teas and “whole leaf teas” and the impact on flavour and quality that differentiates the two. And that’s why WE’RE here…to guide and celebrate all that a good cup of tea, made with quality ingredients, can offer.

When you get down to it, whole leaf tea is also known as Orthodox tea. Not only is it processed differently to normal and/or dusty tea, it is carefully and lovingly plucked from the top of the tea leaf bush, Camellia sinensis, and rolled by hand and dried delicately to preserve the leaf. Dusty tea, on the other hand, is known as CTC (Cut Tear Curl), resulting in a cheaper, lower-grade tea due to a different manufacturing process, which has its own pro’s and con’s. Although CTC tea has a faster brewing time, the rich flavour of the tea is not as flavoursome and the teabag can only be brewed once.

 A few perks of choosing our whole leaf tea blends include:

  • A richer and punchier brew (yes please!)
  • Multiple brews. We’ve tried and tested this and can confirm that all of our teabags can be rebrewed at least twice, depending on the strength of tea you enjoy.
  • We’ve conveniently packed our loose leaf tea into silky teabags, for a hassle free tea brewing experience.

 So pop the kettle on, love and join the modern tea movement.

We are delighted to have you!


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