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Pairing your favourite cuppa with the right SLH biscuit

Ready to sweeten up your tea time?

I’m about to take you on a charming adventure, where the fearless female founders of Smith House of Tea and Sweet LionHeart collide in flavour-harmony. I’ll be pairing the luscious brews meticulously blended by the queens of tea and combining them with our lovingly crafted, tea-time worthy biscuits brought to life by my fierce gurls over at Sweet LionHeart. It's a match made in flavour heaven, and I’m about to spill the tea (pun intended) on the perfect biscuit and brew pairings that will leave you wanting more.


Let's start this fabulous biscuit and brew party with the Bday Confetti Cookie. These buttery vanilla custard morsels packed with confetti sprinkles are here to party like it's your birthday! Smith House of Tea's English Breaky is an ideal match, turning your breakfast into a joyful celebration. The sweet and creamy notes of the cookie harmonise with the smoothness of the English Breaky’s Camellia sinesis (a.k.a black tea), creating a delightful treat that will put a smile on your face. For an added nostalgic touch, try pairing the Bday Confetti cookie with Smith House of Tea's Juicy Berry, invoking childhood memories of Ouma's jelly and custard on a Sunday afternoon. 


Now, brace yourselves for the ultimate indulgence and say hello to the Double Chocolate Cookie. These darkly decadent chocolate cookies, dotted with 70% dark chocolate chunks are no ordinary chocolate fix... It's a taste bud explosion that demands a fierce tea pairing and these babes find their perfect companion in the refreshing and invigorating Choc Mint tea. The pairing creates a fabulous balance of decadence and coolness that will leave you craving more - as you take a bite of the cookie, the flavours meld together, accentuating the richness of the chocolate while the mint tea refreshes like nobody's business!

Another must-try is the Double Chocolate Cookie with Smith House of Tea's Ginger Lemon blend, offering a beautiful blend of chocolate, ginger, and zesty lemon notes giving you that ‘chocolate coated candied ginger’ treat vibe!


It's time to get down and cozy with the Peanut Butter Crunch Cookie. These babes are not only more-ish but also vegan and gluten-less (no gluten but baked in a facility that still works with gluten!), making them just that more enticing. What better tea to complement this delightful treat than Smith House of Tea's Masala Chai? The warmth and sweetness of the cinnamon, cardamom and ginger in the Masala Chai are beautifully enhanced by the natural flavours of the peanut butter cookie. This biscuit and brew duo will wrap you in a blanket of deliciousness, creating a moment so cozy, you'll forget about the world outside. Sounds kinda perfect, right?

The world of tea and cookies is a delightful realm of endless possibilities. These pairings are designed to elevate your tea experience, bringing joy and deliciousness to every sip and bite. Whether you choose the Bday Confetti Cookie with the Juicy Berry tea for a nostalgic moment (or English Breaky for a little celebration), the Double Chocolate Cookie with Choc Mint tea for a heavenly indulgence, or the Peanut Butter Crunch Cookie with Masala Chai for a cozy delight, each combination promises a delightful adventure. So, pop the kettle on, treat yourself and let the artistry of these two female-founded brands inspire you to savour the magic that unfolds with each sip and nibble. Cheers to the perfect harmony between biscuit and brew!


- Nikki Symons - founder & creative director, Sweet LionHeart


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