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Smith House of Tea X The Finishing Store



We recently hosted our pre-launch party at Noah Café, alongside Cape Town’s newest go-to interior-focused brand, The Finishing Store.

 We had a delightful morning chatting to fellow creatives, friends and family members over copious cups of tea, whilst admiring the glorious scatter cushions, lamp shades and antiques (to name a few) carefully curated by The Finishing Store.

 As the aroma of our tea filled the air, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, guests were welcomed with a selection of our five brews – served hot- or treated to a cold version of our Juicy Berry or Masala Chai tea.

 With our tea cart decked out with fresh fruit, heavenly blooms and sweet treats, the humming sound of pleasant and intentional chitter chatter and thought-provoking conversations spilled over into the street for all to hear.  

 Interactive sensory installations were created and styled throughout the venue to represent each of our flavours unique personality, ingredients and aromas.

 As the event came to a close, our guests would leave having a deeper appreciation for our brands unique mission and offering, and maybe, just maybe, join us in becoming Modern Tea Enthusiasts too.

If you’d like to learn more about our launch party, we are honoured to direct you to an article published by House and Garden by clicking here.



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